Art instruction Videos

The Human Form Revealed


This video takes the art student through the various sections of the body describing the surface forms, underlying bone structure, and how they combine to allow the human form to move... (more)

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The Human Head


This video is designed to assist the artist and art student in rendering the human head. This video addresses those topics critical in understanding the anatomy of the head... (more)

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Man In Motion


This program breaks down, frame by frame, the component movements of the body, and how the various sections of the body work together to accomplish complex tasks... (more)

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Perspective Made Simple


Perspective can seem perplexing, but with proper instruction it's really quite simple. Through five separate demonstrations Larry Withers will show how to use techniques of perspective to create more realistic drawings... (more)

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Measuring Methods


Artists often use measuring techniques to achieve more accurate, realistic effects. Measuring is used to calculate relative sizes and proportions and is useful for still-lifes, landscapes and even figurative art... (more)

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Color Mixology


This program is a “hands-on” course on color mixing designed to give the artist the knowledge and practical experience needed to mix colors—oils or acrylics—with complete confidence... (more)

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In this program you will learn the basic process of making and assembling a hard cover “case bound” book, a method still employed by libraries and book publishers... (more)

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Block Printing


In this video you will learn the art and techniques of creating and producing your very own block prints... (more)

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Grinding Paint


In this video, Sharyn Pak Withers takes you through the various steps of making your own oil paint from mixing the pigment with linseed oil, to grinding, to putting your paint into tubes... (more)

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Few crafts are as much fun and rewarding as soapmaking. And melt and pour soap is the easiest, quickest and most creative type of soapmaking there is. You can create unique and individual soaps in just minutes... (more)
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In this program Sharyn Pak demonstrates eight easy and creative projects that any beginner will enjoy. Including how to make: necklaces, earrings, eyeglass leashes, zipper doodles, bracelets,  wineglass charms, etc.   
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